Window cleaning before fall and winter

window cleaning fall winter

During the fall, leaves and debris fall from trees more frequently and cause windows to become dirty. Along with this, window screens will act as large filters that will collect and hold dust and dirt that will also cause windows to become disgusting! And especially after all the storms we had this summer in Calgary. Well, here are a few big reasons fall window cleaning can be beneficial to you and your home.

Savings in heating bill

window cleaning fall winterWindows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss during the fall and winter. When the windows get dirty, they will prevent many of the sun rays from coming through and heating your homes. And when that happens, you will need to compensate for it by turning on more heat. Window cleaning can easily address this issue.

Avoid Window Cracks

Another factor that many homeowners overlook is the protection that comes from having windows cleaned. What do we mean? Calgary has lots of trees, and this means that when winds blow and carry leaves and debris around, it will cause your windows to degrade over time. Under those circumstances glass becomes brittle and susceptible to cracks. And a window replacement is not cheap. Thus maintaining clean windows can actually help you in the long run.

The importance of window cleaning on a regular basis is often underestimated. We encourage you to consider giving the windows a thorough clean. If you decide to receive professional help, give Sparkle & Shine Window Cleaning a call. Our professional team will provide expert window cleaning services to meet your needs.

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